11 collaborations

27 countries

Australia, China, Germany, India, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, South Korea, UK, USA, Japan, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, Sweden, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Romania, Switzerland, Vietnam, Austria, France

How will intO continue to build collaborative partnerships with a variety of agencies and consultancies worldwide?

Our approach
  • Cultural contextualisation
  • Cultural immersion
  • Fieldwork
  • International logistics
  • International research
  • Primary research
  • Recruitment
  • Secondary research
  • Workshop facilitation

intO has formed specialised collaborative partnerships, to complement the worldwide capabilities of a variety of agencies and consultancies with our qualitative research and project-management skills. With our Local Experts, we are in a unique position to offer culturally-specific analysis, testing of products and services, the design of research methods, facilitation, translation and fieldwork management.

intO has enabled many creative, digital and research agencies, working within a variety of industries, to achieve their project objectives. The agencies with whom we have collaborated include Elmwood, Precipice, Brand Genetics, EY-Seren, Wood for Trees, and Canvas8, amongst others.