12 parents

3 countries

UK, Sweeden, Ireland

How will Clevamama sell its leading baby-product ranges outside its native Irish market to customers in the UK and beyond?

Our approach
  • Brand development
  • Classical approach
  • Colour, Materials and Finish (CMF) design
  • Market analysis
  • New product development
  • Packaging
Our process

intO identified the need for Clevamama to strengthen its online marketing presence, create a clearer brand-narrative and update a selection of its core products, by conducting research with consumers in three key markets. Our focus was to understand how the values of parents differed from those communicated through brand characteristics and marketing channels.

Following the creation of a strategic ‘roadmap’ to be applied over an 18-month period, we worked together with Clevamama, to improve the communication of its brand and product-range. In addition, we enabled Clevamama’s team to implement and manage this brand evolution process independently.

Our effects

intO delivered a new brand identity, a brand book, photography instructions, visual language, and product detailing such as colours and patterns. We identified the profiles of competitors and their positioning within the marketplace. Additionally, we re-categorised Clevamama’s product range, together with strategic recommendations to guide the design and development of new products using the patented materials within Clevamama’s range.