24 students

1 country


How will the Ellen MacArthur Foundation encourage fresh, creative innovation for alternatives to plastic in a circular economy?

Our approach
  • Collaborative approach
  • Ideation
  • New product-development
  • Social innovation

intO engaged in a strategic exploration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in their initiative to gain a fresh perspective on the reduction of plastics. We collaborated by linking the Foundation’s industry knowledge with product designers at Central Saint Martins, to stimulate a rethink about plastics in a circular economy. Through a collaborative-design brief for students, we mentored them and engaged them with industry experts throughout their design process.

intO increased public awareness of the Foundation’s work and their mission, through extensive media coverage of the project. intO also promoted the designs of 24 students through articles in industry-leading publications, and a graduate show that attracted more than 20,000 people from industry and the public.


Our European Lead, Nathalie Jerming-Havill, was interviewed about this project, which featured in the multimedia platform. Other publications featuring this project include Design Week, Packaging News, Innovators Mag and Dezeen.