60 managers

1 country


How will Gate Gourmet keep its market prominence in an ever-changing competitive environment of smaller start-up businesses?

Our approach
  • Business strategy
  • Forecasting
  • Service design
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Training
  • Workshop
Our process

intO held a workshop to train 60 of Gate Gourmet’s international managers. As the travel and catering professions have developed and customer expectations have changed, we helped to map out their own core business strengths, identify challenges from their competitors and how to adapt to the changing market characteristics. Together we focused upon low-cost compared with luxury features of travel, specialist offerings from small-scale catering disruptors, and increasing demands for custom food and dietary requirements.

Our effects

intO delivered processes of strategic forecasting, to help the Gate Gourmet management team identify the sources, influences and reasons for these market disruptions. In addition we developed a methodology toolkit to help them employ new skills, and enable them to recognise the unique features of their business, to take advantage of suitable emerging opportunities.