Which cartoon storylines will best resonate with children across different cultures?

52 children

1country: USA

  • Collaborative approach
  • Ethnography
  • In-home sessions
  • Interviews
  • Prototyping
The Opportunity

This confidential, multi-region project was commissioned by the international content production and distribution subsidiary of one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers. The goal of the brief was to understand how levels of engagement with different cartoon storylines might differ across cultures. intO managed the study in the USA.

Our Approach

We recruited families from New York City, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Queens and Long Island, and observed sibling or friendship pairs watching a pilot cartoon with their families in their home environment. Age-appropriate interview techniques were developed and implemented – alongside ethnography – to reveal the children’s perceptions and emotional responses. Each session included an in-depth discussion with parents about the contemporary cartoon environment and their own perception of televised, streamed or downloaded cartoons. During the fieldwork, three focus-group sessions were also organised to gauge the levels of interest in cartoons amongst older children aged between five and seven.

Business Impact

intO’s research findings led to an in-depth analysis of how levels of engagement with different cartoon storylines vary across cultures. Additionally, our interviews with parents revealed new concerns and perspectives about how different cartoon genres influence learning and language.