52 children

1 country


How will children respond to new storylines in a cartoon series?

Our approach
  • Collaborative approach
  • Ethnography
  • In-home sessions
  • Interviews
  • Prototyping

intO conducted in-home sessions in New York, with children aged two to five years old. We recruited families from New York City, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Queens and Long Island. We observed sibling or friendship pairs watching a proposed new cartoon with their families. In addition, we applied age-appropriate interview techniques to reveal the children’s perceptions and emotional responses. The research session included talking to parents about the contemporary cartoon environment and their own perception of cartoons that are televised, streamed or downloaded from various sources. Before the end of a week of fieldwork, we also organised three focus-group sessions to understand how cartoon entertainment for older children interested five to six-year-olds. Our research formed part of a multi-region project between New York and the UK in collaboration with Full Steam Consulting.

intO discovered valuable insights to the behaviours and attitudes shared between friends and sibling pairs in response to home entertainment. Research findings led to in-depth analysis of how levels of engagement with different cartoon storylines varied across cultures. Interviews with parents enabled us to identify their concerns and perspectives on how watching different genres of cartoons influenced learning and language.