20 entrepreneurs

1 country


How will LSE mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs with people-centred design methods and mindsets, to create social business models?

Our approach
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Idea incubation
  • Mentorship
  • Social ventures
  • Start-up
  • Training
  • User-centred methodologies
  • Workshop

intO’s team – which includes Joanna, an LSE alumnus – was invited to hold a masterclass for a cohort at Generate, an LSE initiative that mentors social entrepreneurs for their new ventures. We focused upon the value of how user-centred design could inform the roadmap for their product, and influence what their service could offer.

We led full-day sessions for various teams, from those with early-stage business ideas to established start-ups, where we taught user-research, research-analysis and application techniques. intO’s practical workshop tools revealed features that could be embedded in different business scenarios.

intO produced immediate insights that were of value to each venture. Also, we compiled a toolkit of people-centred methodologies, so that entrepreneurs could apply methods and processes for future iteration sessions. intO also established ongoing mentorship opportunities.