20 women

5 countries

Germany, UK, Poland, Italy, Sweden

How will Naturativ communicate its products in Europe, to establish itself as a premium natural skincare-products brand?

Our approach
  • Brand identity
  • Brand development
  • Classical approach
  • Lifestyle trends
  • Mobile ethnography
  • Visual language

intO reached out in 5 selected markets to existing natural-skincare enthusiasts who had self-defined routines. Our focus was to identify and define how Naturativ can grow as a maker of skincare products in Europe. intO’s approach was holistic, which included competitor analysis, market mapping, lifestyle trend analysis, interviews with subject-specific experts and conversations with natural skincare users.

intO delivered a proposal for Naturativ’s new branding, which included its vision, mission, values and promise statements, together with its verbal and visual narratives. We produced a brand book, which included guidelines for their tone of voice, visual language, packaging and exhibition designs. intO also managed the creative brief for packaging and photography with a partner product-design team.