400 policy makers

1 country


How will training in user research motivate Government policy-makers to develop people-centred design-method policies in future?

Our approach
  • Creative methods
  • Immersive approach
  • Prototyping
  • Scenarios planning
  • Training workshop

intO conducted educational workshops to explore the possibilities for a cross-departmental career platform that would enable civil service employees to initiate, measure and sustain their career development. Our sessions included prototyping training and ‘provocative design drops’ that encouraged 400 policy-makers to discuss their career aspirations and raise awareness of our proposal to adopt a user-research approach to policy-making.

intO combined extensive research data from Policy Lab to form a service-design framework, user-journey maps and pertinent touchpoints. We also explored and developed user profiles, possible planning models, devised presentation formats suitable for internal policy processes and external communications with stakeholders. intO also worked with Policy Lab staff to define research processes and train policy-makers in methods for future engagement.