18 staff members

1 country


How will the internal design team at Royal Bank of Scotland communicate its value to the wider organisation?

Our approach
  • Communication
  • Identify barriers
  • Team training
  • Toolkit
  • Value proposition
  • Workshop

intO was invited to work with the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) design team, to create a programme that would transform RBS into a design-oriented organisation. We conducted a workshop with the design team to enable them to explore their barriers to creativity. Through ‘lightning’ talks and co-creative exercises, together we identified the current challenges faced by the team. This enabled us to prioritise which barriers to overcome, and induce significant change.

intO’s engagement with the design team at RBS lead to an injection of new confidence and an immediate morale boost, by enabling members of the team with new skills. intO also developed a new toolkit of methods, a clear proposition of the team’s value, an action plan to enhance the current value of the team, and a ‘roadmap’ for communicating these to the wider RBS organisation and externally.