4 sports trends

1 country


How will Trek develop its brand and create a new advanced wearable product for the Chinese market?

Our approach
  • Brand development
  • Concept design
  • Design language
  • Forecasting
  • New materials
  • Trends analysis
Our process

intO worked with an existing Chinese watch and technology parts supplier, to enter the growing market of Chinese sports enthusiasts, as a technology product manufacturer in its own right. We also helped to bring into being a brand narrative that, as a newcomer, the company could apply to additional product ranges.

We applied primary and secondary research methods to identify worldwide patterns. This revealed the contextual influences upon Chinese consumers and enabled us to identify future trends for health-related wearables. We applied our analysis to develop and explore suitable brand proposals and brand-narrative languages.

Our effects

intO delivered three specific brand and design concepts that would appeal to Chinese consumers, which resulted from our contextual findings of health and leisure trends.