50 entrepreneurs

1 country


How will intO support Zinc to build companies that address the world’s toughest social issues?

Our approach
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mentoring
  • Methods training
  • Workshop

intO’s Director, Joanna Brassett was invited to join Zinc’s Mission 2 entrepreneur team as a Fellow. Mission 2’s purpose is “to unlock new opportunities for people in places hard-hit by globalisation and automation”.

intO conducted an ‘end-to-end sprint’, where we facilitated a hands-on workshop and shared features of a cultural-research approach to support Zinc’s 50 entrepreneurs. We tailored research methods for social-innovation projects. In addition, Joanna continued her role as a professional mentor, to support the mission of Zinc’s highly-motivated, talented Founders. More information about Mission 2 can be accessed at Zinc’s website.