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intO services fit alongside the creative development journey. Our versatile research methodologies inform and guide every step between possibility and success.

Research Operations

With over a decade of experience supporting research agencies and in-house teams, offering 100% peace of mind and fast response services, we can tackle any research operations challenge – anywhere in the world. Our team of local researchers provide eyes and ears in every region.

What we offer

Global reach | Through our global network of experienced researchers we can conduct research in multiple regions, in multiple languages in the shortest time frames.

Tactical, reliable research | Specialised UX testing, iterative research, incremental UI testing for speedy, reliable insights.

Equitable and diverse recruitment | Diverse participants and respondents, hard to reach audiences, emergent market focus.

Innovative research methods and latest technologies | Artificial intelligence testing, bespoke combination of software and hardware for each project, remote immersions. 

Rapid response | Rush services, including specialised panels that reflect your user base.

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Xenia Adjoubei | Associate Director

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Alejandra Arango | Head of People

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Innovation Research

Our innovation research service is the best solution to yield actionable and strategic insights to inform future development roadmaps, no matter what stage of the journey your product or service is currently in. We gather detailed and intelligent insights combining remote and on-the-ground methods.

What we offer

Global reach | Cultural immersion, auto-ethnography, participatory research.

Full spectrum qual & quant services | Online and in-person ethnography, expert interviews, focus groups, quantitative surveys.

Remote and agile research | UX/UI research, prototyping and concept testing, audits and benchmarking, digital diaries, moderated surveys, digital ethnography.

Insight to power future growth | Market research, co-design, trend scanning, foresight, innovation workshops, current and future state journey mapping.

Research to support transformation | Employee interviews and focus groups, bespoke stakeholder engagement (e.g. microsites, bulletins).

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Joanna Brassett | CEO

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Chloe Amos-Edkins | Research Director

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