To address the frequent and rapid changes in markets and business environments, we decided to rethink the way we all work – to help businesses and organisations find pathways easily through established and emerging markets worldwide, and gain fresh, eye-opening perspectives.

In-detail and in-context – Our research reveals insights from two perspectives that are in-detail and in-context. We engage with people in-detail, to understand their behaviour and attitudes. Then we interpret what informs their motivations in-context, by analysing wider influences and patterns. Our two-perspective process reveals emerging behaviour trends, which helps our clients to create extraordinary future-facing development opportunities.

Ways of working – We work in close collaboration with our clients, adapting responsively to each unique development culture. We deliver continual insights within days, to interpret, assess and identify strategic growth objectives. Our co-creativity generates imaginative new product, service, brand and marketing opportunities, tailor-made for diverse local cultures worldwide.


We are self-motivated and focused, taking initiative from the moment we receive a project brief. We apply our contextual knowledge and diverse expertise to produce agreed outcomes that meet our client’s requirements, from multimedia presentations to custom-made research portals.


We invite our client’s team to join us in designing research methodologies, and experience first-hand how we conduct our fieldwork worldwide. This inclusive approach allows our team to invent future-facing solutions together and create purposeful project experiences for our client.


We engage in a professional working relationship with our client’s team. Our remote-working management expertise guarantees a smooth and efficient process from beginning to end. This partnership focuses on combining existing internal knowledge with new research insights, to produce the most wide-ranging and adaptable results for our client.