About Us

We’re brave… We’re responsive… We’re open… We’re experienced… We‘re effective…

A worldwide community of human stories – empowered by intO people, to shape the future of work.

intO is a team of diverse, multi-lingual, qualified Local Experts who live and work up-close within communities throughout the world. We research people’s attitudes and behaviour in their local language, and develop strategies for businesses and organisations within the context of cultural influences, regional trends and wider worldwide patterns.

We live in an ever-changing world that influences culture and people’s behaviour continually – locally and worldwide. How will you gain certainty, so your brand-development plans will resonate in people’s hearts and minds? How will you interpret a specific cultural mindset, to implement successful business opportunities? How will you identify suitable marketing strategies, for the most efficient return on new-product investment? What will inform your growth-strategy ambitions anywhere in the world?

intO recognises how essential it is for businesses and organisations, with far-reaching objectives, to gain access to diverse local insights from around the world, and keep pace with ever-changing opportunities. Working together with our experienced Local Experts will enable you to gain the necessary contextual awareness to resolve such questions, and guide your strategic decisions forward with clarity and confidence.

intO works with your business or organisation from a project’s inception to its implementation. Our professional research skills include ethnography, trends analysis, expert interviews, user-experience testing, competitor analysis and co-creation workshops. We apply these capabilities to explore new opportunities, validate our strategic propositions and to develop brands. We produce detailed, intelligent insights that push the boundaries of possibilities into extraordinary future-facing creative productivity.

We not only help you to enhance your innovation processes, but we have also developed advanced design research methods, which reveal how cultural understanding informs new brand, marketing, business-growth and product-development strategies. Such insights enable your business or organisation to flourish worldwide.

Our Values

We form teams of Local Research Experts, with our clients, brave enough to challenge, learn and discover future-facing initiatives, together…

So together we can create inventive products and services.

We are responsive energetic and enthusiastic, to manage iterative processes and synthesise insights with agility and confidence…

So together we can shape new and unexpected people-focused experiences.

We are generous and open in sharing our knowledge and local networks, to explore possibilities and discover untapped opportunities…

So together we can understand what local people really think worldwide.

We are multi-skilled, experienced, meticulous and creative in our planning and preparation, to adopt working methods, customised for each project…

So together we can implement brands that resonate in people’s hearts and minds.

We work collaboratively and continue to engage purposefully after project delivery, to ensure the successful application of our insights and the effective benefits of our work on business growth and people’s lives…

So together we can realise their ambitious future-facing plans.