Global Market Context

For those frustrated by reactive and under-utilised customer insights and unengaged internal stakeholders.

Ensure validated customer insights are at the heart of your strategic decisions.

We intricately map your category and competitors for detailed market understanding, guiding you in the competitive global landscape and setting benchmarks for your brand. 

We go beyond research, immersing you in the culture and contexts of your users. 

Understanding global categories isn’t a surface-level exercise; it’s a deep dive. And we’ll confidently guide your business into uncharted territories.

Competitive Landscape Mapping

Benchmark against competitor products and services, evaluate market share and positioning, identify strengths and weaknesses, and gain valuable insight into the customers of your competitors. 

Make better, informed decisions, identify gaps in the market, and create products that are better aligned with your customer needs and market trends.

Product Benchmarking

Analyse competitor features and specifications, evaluate competitor UX and design and devise comparative performance metrics. 

Compare and evaluate your product’s performance, features, and strategies against those of your competitors. We identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so you can make informed decisions and improvements to gain – and keep – a competitive edge.

Cultural Immersions

Observe and engage with the lives of your target audience to uncover the cultural context, values and rituals that influence their decision-making. 

Immerse your team in a deep and authentic exploration of the cultural context and real lives of your target user group, and inform your understanding of significant local customs, traditions and events that impact consumer behaviour.

Market Context methods

Autoethnography    |    Trend safaris     |    Field trips     |    Desk studies     |    Photo immersions     |    Digital ethnography     |    SWOT analysis


Case studies