Global Strategic Foresight

For those who want to look beyond short-term and reactive thinking and drive future-facing innovation.

Drive future-facing innovation within your organisation to achieve a market-leading position.

We leverage global insights and overlay them with business strategy to uncover future-facing opportunities. 

Our approach blends insight-driven foresight and strategic acumen, identifying trends, revealing potential future scenarios and exploring innovative pathways for your business.

In a rapidly evolving world, we offer you a compass, navigating the future with precision and flair.

Scenario Mapping

Identify opportunities, mitigate risks and gain strategic agility

Our strategic foresight process supports the navigation of an uncertain future. It empowers the ability to anticipate change, identify growth opportunities, and proactively shape strategies and innovations that will resonate with future users.

Applied Trends

Get tailored trend analysis’, market-specific and user-specific recommendations, and data-driven insights

More than just a trends report, our applied trends offer identifies the strategic and practical implications of current and emerging trends that are relevant to your business objectives, allowing you to evolve to meet the shifting needs and expectations of your users.

Opportunity Framing

Receive strategic insights, make informed decisions and enable long-term planning

Our researchers conduct a focused deep-dive into new opportunities that will be relevant to your industry landscape. Then, we go further, identifying key metrics that will steer your venture toward success during development.

Strategic Foresight methods

Stakeholder engagement     |     Past and present immersion     |     Industry expert panels     |     Progressive user interviews     |     Digital diaries     |     Deep dive research     |     Horizon scanning     |     Trend analysis


Case studies