Global User Insight

For those who need to balance macro and micro viewpoints with multiple priorities and budget, resource and time constraints.

Apply insights to drive innovation and enhance the user experience across your products and services.

We are your strategic companion for surfacing user insights that drive global product development, enhanced experiences and successful marketing strategies. 

We examine attitudes, motivations and behaviours up-close to inspire action that will resonate with your users. 

Our insights define opportunities and map pathways towards exceptional user interactions that will drive real-world success.

User Persona Mapping

Align end-user value with your business goals. Benefit from cross-functional collaboration and teamwork and a holistic understanding of diverse user perspectives. 

Using a mixed-method approach that combines data and up-close user insight, our personas offer a valuable tool for keeping the user at the centre of the design process and ensuring that the final product meets their needs.

User Journey Mapping

Fuel innovation and iteration with empathy for your users’ experience. Gain tangible insight into their thoughts, emotions, actions and frustrations at each stage of every interaction to reveal opportunities for improvement.  

Our user journey mapping guides your user-centric innovation via comprehensive User Journey Mapping services.

UX Research

Tailor design solutions with culturally nuanced yet universally relevant insights – generated from authentic, everyday user contexts worldwide. 

Our approach to UX research is grounded in contextual inquiry and understanding. We specialise in immersing ourselves in the natural environments where users engage with your products and services.

User Insight methods

In-depth interviews   |    UX research     |    Ethnography     |    Focus groups     |    Mixed methods     |    Usability testing     |    User perception studies


Case studies