Our People

intO is a community of qualified, multi-skilled, experienced people, who fulfil specialised roles as Regional Leads and as worldwide Local Researchers.

In collaboration with our clients, we combine our diverse expertise and capabilities, to deliver cultural insights and co-create inventive strategies, for businesses, organisations and people to benefit worldwide.

intO is a team of relationship-building Regional Leads, who encourage our Local Researchers to develop positive social effects throughout the world.

We create a sense of belonging as a community of people with expertise and passion, to shape the future of work through inventive co-creativity and transformational experiences.

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intO is a team of diverse, multi-lingual, qualified Local Researchers who live and work up-close within communities throughout the world.

We research people’s attitudes and behaviour in their local language, and develop strategies for businesses within the context of cultural influences, regional trends and wider worldwide patterns.

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