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Up close and worldwide…

intO discovers how local people worldwide really live…

so our clients expand horizons and opportunities

intO is a specialist research company, on the ground in every continent, connected up close within established and emerging markets. Our teams live in the mix of everyday cultures, researching in-detail and in-context. We bring the world to our clients’ fingertips, so they can create extraordinary products and services.

Our people

Local Experts in over 50 countries

We recognise that ambitious businesses and organisations need reliable local cultural expertise from around the world, to keep pace with ever-changing opportunities.

About us

Shaping the future of work

We are a diverse team of researchers who live and work within local communities worldwide, to co-create strategies with our clients.


Enabling creative change

We reveal emerging behaviours and attitudes, in the context of wider influences, to identify life-changing opportunities for people.

News & Opinion

Five Pivot Principles: How intO Outmanoeuvred COVID-19 in China & Japan

Like many global businesses, our projects have been affected by the circumstances of COVID-19. In fact, we encountered the initial impact while running research in China and Japan back in January. In this article, intO founder, Joanna Brasset shares the key things we learnt whilst seeking certainty for our clients during a period of extraordinary flux.

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Posted on April 2nd, 2020

Business Publications Innovation Social Change Research

Will the future be a no-fly zone? 

Brands and consultancies need seamless connections to customer insights and to each other. So what's the solution when travel restrictions put these connections at risk? In this article, Onika Simon, intO's Strategy Director, stresses that remote research isn't only a safer necessity at the moment. It also offers a more sustainable approach for the future.

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Posted on March 24th, 2020

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