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Up-close and worldwide

Let us show you how real people really think, plan, act, react and spend.

Up-close and worldwide.

We help creative decision makers to succeed beyond the limits of their own context, finding the answers to questions about the now and the next, no matter where in the world they might be.

As a team of diverse, multi-lingual researchers, living in over 50 established and emerging markets around the world, we work in-detail and in-context.

Our people

Local Experts in over 50 countries

We recognise that ambitious businesses and organisations need reliable local cultural expertise from around the world, to keep pace with ever-changing opportunities.

About us

Shaping the future of work

We are a diverse team of researchers who live and work within local communities worldwide, to co-create strategies with our clients.


Enabling creative change

intO services fit alongside the creative development journey. Our versatile research methodologies inform and guide every step between possibility and success.