How can Amazon better understand the global dynamics of trust?

40 shoppers

9 global experts

5 countries

5countries: Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA

The Opportunity

As societal and market contexts fluctuate, factors that build and erode trust change or evolve. Amazon needs to understand the dynamics of human trust, both inside and outside of digital experiences – and at a global level. During this five month project, our challenge was to pinpoint levers that support or diminish trust from a design perspective. 

Our Approach

Running in depth-interviews and diary studies, we researched the trust levels of 40 consumers and nine global experts in Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA, exploring cultural contexts, different payment journeys and purchase habits, drivers and motivations. We ran a global comparative analysis of the insights generated, triangulating data from across the research to form the basis of customer segmentation. From there, we were able to define the dimensions and criteria for customers’ trust in payments. As an addendum to the global trust dimension, we also highlighted cultural variations that are unique only to specific markets but still important to keep in mind.

Business Impact

This foundational research generated insight that is deep enough to inform the work across multiple functions within Amazon’s organisation, and broad enough to be relevant to many different key regions of the world. As a strategic reference point, it also spotlights dimensions that a wider set of Amazon stakeholders may wish to investigate more deeply.