How will BTG test a leading-edge prototype device with the world’s most advanced oncologists?

20 medical staff

3countries: Germany, UK, USA

  • Expert interviews
  • Prototype testing
The Opportunity

BTG Ltd is an international specialist healthcare company that develops and commercialises products targeting critical care, cancer and other disorders. Having developed a leading-edge device for the treatment of liver cancer, BTG wished to test the UX experience and semiotics of the product’s design with eminent doctors in the field. The brief’s key challenge was access. Participants in the regions of interest were internationally renowned, time-poor and specific; only a selective number of hospitals and doctors would be advanced enough to offer treatment to patients via the device. 

Our Approach

intO identified an international medical conference that many of the desired participants would be attending. Having managed the logistics and design of a conference stand, we developed a research methodology that respected this specialised, sensitive topic. Crucially, as this was the first presentation of the product to the market, intO designed the participant journey with utmost care, treating the research experience as a first step in the sales process. Participants were successfully recruited and screened on site and three dimensional prototypes of the proposed device were tested and validated with the professionals.

Business Impact

The conference-located research was effective and cost-efficient, facilitating access to a higher number of relevant participants, from more regions,  than would have otherwise been possible with a single 3D prototype. The insights presented to the BTG team supported a confident progression to the next round of design.