How should Google discover and define use cases for Android Enterprise dedicated devices?

26 enterprise influencers

340 quant. participants

4countries: France, Germany, UK, USA

  • In-depth interviews
  • Moderated quant. survey
The Opportunity

Dedicated Devices are usually tablets or mobile phones that are controlled by businesses so that employees or customers can only access very limited functions. intO was appointed by the Google Android Enterprise team to expand understanding of how dedicated devices are defined and used, and establish the controls that are required by management modes.

Our Approach

This mixed methods study ran for four months and recruited enterprise participants across seven industries in France, Germany, UK and the USA. Qualitative interviews were first designed and conducted with 26 device decision-makers spanning roles including: C-suite / senior leadership level, IT professionals, front line workers and office administrators. The quantitative phase of research was designed and conducted via 10-minute survey interviews with 340 IT professionals across the same mix of industries and regions. The moderated survey approach included simultaneous translation and delivered consistency and control across different sized businesses and use cases, and different industries, locations, regional compliance contexts and languages, to provide comprehensive sets of comparable data.

Business Impact

intO supplied all raw data and data tables, as well as full and summarised reports. The mixed methods approach delivered rich insight into how enterprise users define and describe dedicated devices, and identified use cases across priority industries and verticals. The research revealed the extent to which devices are used for personal purposes, and provided a thorough understanding of the motivations and challenges faced by enterprise users, and the associated key management and control tasks that are required.