How can Google efficiently explore the digital payments landscape in Brazil?

43 shoppers & merchants

600 quant. participants

1country: Brazil

"Amazing trip that very much changed how I think about payments in Brazil and will heavily inform our product roadmap. On top of the professional impact, it was super fun!"

Nick Hays (Group Product Manager, Google Wallet)

  • Market & competitor analysis
  • Usability testing
  • In-depth interviews
  • Digital diaries
  • Quant. survey
  • Stakeholder cultural immersion
The Opportunity

This research was commissioned to inform understanding of the digital payments landscape and long-term opportunity for Google, in Brazil. Our stacked approach to the mixed-methods research allowed us to run three concurrent studies and condense the timeline of work into two months, engaging with a total of 43 qual. and 600 quant. participants. Google Wallet stakeholders joined intO’s Local Researchers and Joanna Brassett and Xenia Adjoubei from intO’s Central Team, in São Paulo, for two days of inspiring fieldwork immersion. 

Our Approach

Study 1: Usability testing of existing and future Google Wallet Flex UI features. We recruited Brazilian target Wallet Flex UI users, designed, moderated and analysed in-depth interviews, and delivered insights via topline readouts and a report plus presentation. 

Study 2: Analysis of competitive brands, their comms and their UX. Alongside desk research, we recruited Brazilian consumers and designed, implemented and analysed participant digital diaries. A quant survey was designed, translated and deployed. The synthesised insights were delivered via agile topline readouts and a report plus presentation. 

Study 3: Attitudinal and behavioural profiling of current Google Wallet users. This study recruited Brazilian consumers and merchants. In-depth interviews were designed and co-moderated by the stakeholder team, who joined intO for a facilitated ‘shop along’ fieldwork immersion that included UX testing and simultaneous interpretation.

Business Impact

After the completion of the three studies, an overarching research report was delivered. The insights delivered provided a clear picture of the perceived value proposition of Wallet Flex UI, the attitudes Brazilian consumers have towards competitor payment methods and the interactions they have with them, and the attitudes and behaviours that both consumers and merchants (online and offline) display towards different forms of payment.