How can Google explore opportunities to improve the dialer app user experience?

20 dialer users

3countries: Germany, Japan, USA

  • Diary study
  • Ethnographic interview
The Opportunity

The Google Dialer app is a phone application developed by Google for Android devices and serves as the default phone app on Google devices. intO was commissioned by the Google Navigation Experiences team to uncover insights that would inform opportunities to improve navigation and reduce the time and steps required to complete tasks within the making calls CUJ in the Dialer app.

Our Approach

intO recruited 20 frequent dialer-users across Germany, Japan and the USA. The participant selection was also influenced by the type of device they used and how recently they had begun using Dialer. A one-week diary study was designed and facilitated to track outgoing call behaviour and document all audio voice calls made per day. Follow-up 60-minute remote sessions with participants were also designed and moderated, featuring ethnographic interview and scenario-based task completion. The research was designed to explore what apps participants were using to make audio voice calls and why, and what their goals, motivations, needs and pain points were when making audio calls. Entry points for using the Dialer app were examined and different entry-point experiences were probed.

Business Impact

The study’s insights were delivered in a final report and also presented in separate reports for each region of study. Key findings from each interview were provided in translation, alongside detailed task findings, recordings and highlights and all raw data. Ultimately, the insights generated by the study are being used to support prioritisation and inform Dialer’s 2023 roadmap and strategy.