How can Google understand their young customers’ perceptions of P2P app payment concepts?

17 young users of P2P payment apps

1country: Japan

"intO has a knowledgeable and communicative research team that delivers crisp data and valuable learnings, with a focus on the Japanese market - for our innovation ambitions. Involving intO during the scoping process leads to a faster set-up because they have the contextual expertise to design methods and operations in Japan. They have local researchers already on-the-ground, reducing the number of middle men and limiting errors during fast-moving timelines."

Linda Liu (UX Researcher, Google Payments)

The Opportunity

Japan remains a very cash-centric economy but trust in peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps is growing amongst the youth audience. intO was commissioned by the Google payments team to inform a deeper understanding of the Japanese market and young customers’ attitudes and perceptions of a selection of P2P app payment concepts.

Our Approach

intO recruited 17 participants, who were native Japanese speakers, from tier one cities in Japan. All participants fit the criteria set; they used P2P apps at least once a month, were daily users of Android and iOS, and were at least fairly tech savvy. intO designed and moderated (in Japanese with simultaneous translation) 90-minute remote interviews. The data was analysed and synthesised into topline analysis format after each day of interviews to aid agile insight delivery.

Business Impact

A full report was created that included a market analysis of the competitive context. Insights about the most and least-valued feature concepts were presented, along with related strategic and UX design recommendations for driving adoption in different use case scenarios. Ultimately, the insights generated are informing the team’s product development decisions – specifically, which concepts and areas to focus on and prioritise for the Japanese market.