How can Google inform the development of visual search tools?

46 visual search users

2countries: India, USA

The Opportunity

The Google Lens mission is to help people search what they see, and to reliably answer the world’s visual questions. To build build seamless and delightful user experiences, the Google Lens research program exists to gain a holistic, deeper understanding of user needs and use cases of visual search – online and in real-life context – and identify actionable insights to inform product development. intO was appointed to support this research objective in India and the USA.

Our Approach

Following a comprehensive knowledge share, intO recruited 15 diary study participants and eight users for interviews in both markets (India and the USA). The recruitment criteria included finding participants with a mix of Google Lens experience, who had weekly in-store shopping needs and engaged with diverse personal and work-related digital activities and broad internet content consumption. Some participants were required to have education-related tasks to complete on desktop. The interviews conducted in Hindi were simultaneously translated.

Business Impact

The deliverables of this study included a topline report of diary study insights to inform phase two of the research, a topline report of interview insights, and a full final report. The client team also received all raw data from the study. Ultimately, as part of an ongoing programme of research, this study is helping the Google Lens team to understand visual daily information needs and behaviours (on screen and in real life) across different markets to inform the development and prioritisation of Google visual search tools.