15 families

2 countries

Germany, UK

How will our client create the features of a new fashion brand, and apply them throughout its product-range?

Our approach
  • Brand development
  • Co-creative workshops
  • Collaborative approach
  • Ethnography
  • Stimulus
Our process

intO worked with our client and consumers in a co-creative project. Our methods included integrating multiple touch-points for our client-teams, which ensured all the stakeholders were engaged and excited throughout the process.

We organised the project into two phases. The first included exploration and co-creation, which produced exploratory brand-value features and concepts for clothing. The second phase proceeded to validate these conceptual proposals for the clothing and brand characteristics. In addition, we developed a tool to enable implementation, a retail strategy and marketing narratives.

Our effects

intO proposed and validated the brand features for our client, and the narrative to be applied at launch. We advised that our concepts be focused upon customer needs, and that creative innovation and appeal to parents and children alike be the objectives. Our insights revealed potential opportunities and inventive clothing ideas, which our client-team has confirmed to have resulted in long-term value, even after 5 years since the completion of our research.