How can Miro define & leverage user personas to future-proof the relevance of their brand & offer?

30 Miro users

1country: USA

"The Miro user personas developed from this project’s insights are allowing us to plan features and communications with real clarity. It has given us a shared language across our different departments, allowing us to better serve our customers and achieve our business goals. Working with the team at intO has been a truly energising and collaborative experience."

Iris Latour (Customer Research & Insights Lead at Miro)

  • Quantitative survey
  • In-depth user interviews
  • Digital ethnography
  • Diary studies
  • Activation workshop
The Opportunity

Miro is the world’s leading online collaborative whiteboard platform. With over 30 million users, it enables distributed teams to work better together. 

2020 was an exceptional year for Miro and presented an acute opportunity to better attract and serve the millions of diverse users who, during the pandemic, needed a shared place to work and feel connected to each other. Miro’s ambition to grow its user-base (including the use cases served) by 236% in less than 3 months, necessitated a deeper understanding of user journeys to the product, and intO was appointed to research the brand’s user personas.

Our Approach

Having conducted a large quantitative survey and in-depth interviews to formulate, test and explore an initial persona hypothesis, digital ethnography was orchestrated via a digital diary study and observed Miro usage. This followed users across five days, setting daily tasks on the platform that were designed to gain insight into user expectations, study observable needs and behaviours, witness moments of fulfilment and pain, and explore user emotions and associations before, during and after Miro use.

An activation workshop, designed by intO, then supported varied Miro stakeholder groups to apply the newly defined personas to their own workstreams.

Business Impact

Our work is helping Miro to understand its customers so it can, in turn, help them to understand the platform better. This is currently informing new communication strategies that resonate with existing customers and attract new customers to trial, and is supporting the definition of Miro’s category and its future competitive landscape. Furthermore, it’s facilitating the ability to roadmap growth initiatives based on global market dynamics for the largest and most loyal customer groups.