36 sports lovers

3 countries

Russia, Poland, Turkey

How will Nike improve the e-commerce experience of their customers in order to enhance sales via their official website?

Our approach
  • Collaborative approach
  • Mobile ethnography
  • User experience
  • Brand communication
  • Cultural insights
Our process

intO tested Nike’s website remotely in a collaborative agency project. We used qualitative research methods to verify Nike’s proposed hypothesis. Project participants were recruited from three key markets and selected according to four lifestyle-brand categories. We came to understand the participants’ perspective of Nike’s current e-commerce features through interviews and mobile ethnography. intO also identified their levels of awareness of other multi-brand retailers that sell sportswear within the same market as Nike.

Our effects

intO produced cultural insights that were market-specific, which focused upon the e-commerce shopping experiences and sports aspirations of Nike’s customers. We also translated and produced subtitles for all insights videos, designed for the purpose of bringing Nike’s own insights’ team closer to its customers.