How will the UX research team at Pearson evaluate new design concepts in hard-to-recruit regions?

16 English language learners

2countries: Brazil, Japan

  • Set-up of local expert team
  • Recruitment of screen participants
  • UX lab with one-to-one interviews
  • Live-streaming of research to stakeholders around the globe
The Opportunity

Pearson Education is a British-owned publishing, assessment and media company that’s focused on learning. Operating in over 70 countries around the world, Pearson’s progressive tools, content, products and services are designed to help people progress their skills, careers, interests and lives. intO was appointed to assist the global UX team on the English language learning platform. As a service that must meet the needs and expectations of customers from many different cultures around the world, it was important to test design features in regions that can be notoriously difficult to recruit participants in – particularly when very specific screening criteria exists.

Our Approach

With our local researchers in Japan and Brazil, intO provided on-the-ground participant screening and high-quality recruitment, as well as handling the logistics of sourcing, booking and managing local UX research facilities. We designed and moderated detailed interviews with participants and live-streamed the insights provided, with simultaneous translation, to Pearson’s stakeholder teams around the world.

Business Impact

With intO’s support, Pearson was able to carry out research in locations that were key to the company’s strategy, but would have been too complicated to include without regional assistance. The insights delivered have been used to continue the progressive development of this global learning platform.