150 consumers of spirits

5 countries

China, Russia, Turkey, Colombia, South Africa

How will a bottle redesign for Olmeca tequila forge relevancy with new consumers across diverse markets?

"We are super happy that this research has allowed us to move forward so well. Of course, the resulting design is cool but I’m sure that the presentation of insight - both its flow and content - have been the determining factor of this success! Well done."

Damien Batteux (Global Marketing Manager, Olmeca)

Our approach
  • Cultural insights
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Mobile ethnography
  • Remote testing

intO recruited Olmeca ‘party people’ brand advocates across five diverse markets, as well as advocates and consumers of other brands and products within the spirit category. A moderated, remote survey was designed to gather qualitative data in relation to competitor analysis, brand perception, evaluation of design detail and purchase intention, and was implemented across the different markets simultaneously. 

The research delivered an in-depth qualitative analysis of regional preferences that could be compared to quantitative global data. Insight, data and strategic recommendations were delivered in the five local languages, as well as in translation for the global design team – generating clarity and confidence about the direction of packaging design that was to be taken.