How can Pinterest uncover insights from local experiences that will inform recommendations for globally scalable ad formats?

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4countries: Australia, Germany, UK, USA

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The Opportunity

As Pinterest’s long-term research partner, intO supports the brand’s ambition to foster worldwide growth with a global strategy informed by local insights. 

Our objective in working for Pinterest’s Ad Monetisation team was to uncover insights from local experiences that would inform recommendations for globally scalable ad formats. We also provided actionable feedback on prototypes, ideas, and UX / UI, bringing the Pinner closer to the product development process.

Our Approach

We carried out a three-month program that covered three continents, 4 regions and a diverse sample of Pinners – representing different Pinner experiences in usage, familiarity and demographics – from the USA, the UK, Germany and Australia.  We designed and moderated 60-minute remote individual interviews during iterative UX testing, exploring shopping-focused experiences in the app, how users wanted to be inspired, and what moments of friction they faced.

This stacked multi-region study was designed to be lean and effective in delivering an exceptional return on investment. While recruitment and fieldwork were underway in one region, research assets and scripts were being prepared and translated for the next. Once the data was collected, methods from the social sciences were employed as a foundation for the synthesis and analysis, and relevant observations, quotes, and insights were shared with Pinterest stakeholders via a dashboard that mapped findings clearly against the research objectives.

Business Impact

As a strategic research partner for Pinterest, we’re committed to transforming insights into strategic recommendations that drive global expansion and deepen user engagement and creativity. Our studies reveal opportunities for enhancing discovery, simplifying the path from inspiration to action, and solving frictions among users, enabling Pinterest to connect users with the ideas, products, and experiences that inspire them to create a life they love.