6 workshops

4 countries

Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand

How will Sealife attract new visitors to learn about local marine habitats, and encourage repeat-visit loyalty of local families?

Our approach
  • Co-creative workshop
  • Collaborative approach
  • Ideation
  • Trends analysis

intO designed a series of co-creative workshops to enable Merlin to identify concepts for new exhibits and key themes across their sites. intO also examined how Sealife’s international brands could be adapted to the unique requirements of local markets – characterised by differing consumer expectations – to identify the viability of each attraction-concept within the context of its local area.

With our teams of worldwide Local Experts, intO supported ‘Concept Lab’ workshops with continual cultural insights. These workshops formed the development of new ideas, which, in turn, created a variety of specific entertainment activities and exhibitions that could be enjoyed worldwide.