220 travellers

10 countries

Australia, Germany, India, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, UK, USA

How will Skyscanner transform from being an established worldwide flights search engine to becoming a constant travel partner?

"The quality, attention to detail and results were exceptional and we are very pleased with the results and impact."

Gareth Williams (CEO and Co-founder)

Our approach
  • Brand development
  • Collaborative approach
  • Immersive delivery
  • Insights sprint
  • Service
  • Workshops

intO compared public with internal Squads on their perspectives about the Skyscanner brand and its features. We were able to identify compatibilities and differences amongst people’s perceptions, which enabled us to inspire Skyscanner people to define forward-thinking objectives for their brand. We conducted a qualitative insights sprint across 10 countries worldwide, which included interviews and trends analysis. intO compared these with insights from the Squads across all Skyscanner’s offices, by conducting a range of stakeholder interviews and brand-perception workshops.

intO identified strategic opportunities, by interpreting the context of travel-related products and services, and analysing travel patterns in 10 countries. intO’s results provided a springboard for the brand transformation process, ensuring the active engagement of Skyscanner’s Squads and stakeholders, worldwide.