12 families

1 country


How will Tommee Tippee develop their product communication and marketing strategy with a category of product that is unrecognised in China?

Our approach
  • Classical approach
  • Communication strategy
  • Market entry
  • Mobile ethnography
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Product refinement

intO applied a two-part qualitative research process to identify current and future market characteristics, which enabled Tommee Tippee – a respected market leader in baby feeding products – to prioritise which product category to launch first for its entry into the Chinese market.

intO identified and recruited families independently, in two major cities. Over two weeks, we explored associations with health and hygiene and how they kept each home clean and safe for their children. We tested the appeal of particular products and identified those that could adapt from their original intended use to suit the differing family homes.

intO’s research led to the identification of opportunities for Tommee Tippee to become China’s leading brand in the children’s health and hygiene market category. By analysing use case-scenarios, we delivered design recommendations that would refine the brand’s current range of products and increase uptake in the Chinese market.