How can the Wellcome Trust audit its global reputation amongst key audiences?

72 health workers

11countries: Malawi, Kenya, Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, South Africa, USA

  • Niche recruitment
  • Quant. survey
  • In-depth interview moderation
The Opportunity

The newly structured GRSP and Policy teams at one of the largest grant-giving charities in the world, Wellcome, wanted to understand the global perception of Wellcome amongst their government, partner and policy maker audiences, and the perception amongst their inner, outer and periphery circles of the foundation’s three chosen priority policy areas; mental health, climate & health, and infectious diseases.

Our Approach

Studio intO worked alongside creative consultancy, The Liminal Space. intO led the complex recruitment, and the design and implementation of the quantitative research, accessing research participants across the globe – including a broad scope of LMIC countries. intO also conducted 72 qualitative interviews across six countries. The Liminal Space led the design of qualitative interviews and workshops, and also conducted the same number of participant interviews.

Business Impact

Following the insights synthesis and analysis, a concise report was delivered, which detailed the key insights, implications and future recommendations across the key areas of Brand Perception and Policy. The study informed understanding of mindsets across the territories and how they mapped against the level of knowledge/relationship with Wellcome, defined opportunity areas within each territory, and made recommendations for how the audit could be used as a baseline for future perception work.


Image credit: Woman takes part in the World Mosquito Programme in the South Pacific. Adrienne Surprenant / Collectif Item © Wellcome