How can WhatsApp ensure its new Community feature is optimised for a successful global launch?

90 qualitative interactions

2countries: Ghana, Peru

  • Usability interviews
  • Remote digital diaries
  • Exit interviews
  • Moderated panel discussion
The Opportunity

The WhatsApp Community feature aims to broaden the scope of its instant messaging service when it comes to building, discovering, managing and empowering communities. Prior to its global roll-out, the Community feature was launched across several markets. Studio intO was appointed to assess and evaluate the feature in two of these markets by running parallel studies in Ghana and Peru.

Our Approach

We divided the study in Onboarding, Adoption and Co-creation stages. We conducted; IDIs in Ghana and Peru, recruited four communities per region and 12 participants per community. Usability interviews, remote digital diaries, exit interviews and moderated panel discussions were orchestrated with admins and members of Community groups in both regions. Participants were recruited to represent a diverse range of ages, gender, literacy, and socio-economic backgrounds. The deliverables provided by intO included daily top line insights and themes.

Business Impact

The research enabled the Community team to better understand drivers and barriers to adoption and the value that users derive from the feature. Our in-depth behavioural insights flagged potential usability issues ahead of the global launch and defined suggestions that could improve the feature. Ultimately, the study delivered confidence and clarity to the plan and timeline.