Andreas Turcati

Local Researcher

Area: Switzerland

Andreas is a specialist in user-experience and user-interface research, design and strategy.

As a multi-faceted researcher and service designer Andreas integrates the wider context of culture and human behaviour to his strategic processes. This approach has enabled him to work with companies such as Fjord, Lloyds, British Airways, and FIFA. Andreas has a particular interest in how our civilisations can learn from the past, understand and take action with new points-of-view, and then, with this growing awareness, create exciting sustainable futures. In addition, he volunteers for a children’s non-profit care organisation as a designer, to increase awareness of their cause through design and storytelling.

Andreas has gained a BA qualification in Graphic Design and Art Direction from the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milan. He has lived in Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Greece and is based currently in the UK and Mexico. He speaks Italian, English, Spanish, and French.