Dr Maha Shams

Regional Lead

Area: Middle East

Maha is the Regional Lead for the Middle East at intO. She has expertise in strategic design, user-research, management and interior design. She has also worked professionally in the private and governmental sectors. Relishing any professional opportunity that arises, she is passionate to help private and governmental sectors resolve problems through design innovation. From the initial brief, through to implementation, she delivers projects in various commercial design disciplines.

Focusing her interests upon Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)s, Maha believes that they energise the region’s economic growth and prosperity. Their smart and flexible capabilities within changing business environments underpins the Middle East’s potential economic prosperity worldwide. Maha shares, through lectures for SMEs, a range of business models such as design thinking, business-model canvas and people-centred approaches. In addition to her work as a Design Lecturer and Consultant, Maha has also published a paper for the Design Management Institute and participated in various conferences and workshops.

Maha has a BSc qualification in Interior Architecture at Dammam University. She has also gained an MA in Design Management, and a PhD in Strategic Design and Innovation. She has lived in the UK, USA and is based currently in Saudi Arabia. She speaks English and Arabic.

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