Dr Maha Shams

Local Researcher

Area: Middle East

Maha is a Design Lecturer and Consultant and has expertise in user-research.

She is passionate about helping private and governmental sectors resolve problems through design innovation and focuses her interests upon Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). This is because she believes they energise the region’s economic growth and prosperity. She gives lectures to SMEs on a range of business models such as design thinking, business-model canvas and people-centred approaches. From the initial brief, through to implementation, she delivers projects in various commercial design disciplines. Maha has also published a paper (find out more here) for the Design Management Institute and has participated as an expert in various conferences and workshops.

Maha has a BSc qualification in Interior Architecture at Dammam University. She also has an MA in Design Management, and a PhD in Strategic Design and Innovation. She has lived in the UK and USA and is currently based in Saudi Arabia. She speaks English and Arabic.