Farnaz Zamanian

Local Researcher

Area: Iran

Farnaz specialises in the intersection between research for graphic design, digital marketing and material futures.

Her interdisciplinary approach to research has been applied to packaging design, brand identity, web design and, recently, to digital marketing for premium fashion brands in Germany. Raising awareness about using alternative and more sustainable materials than plastic is of interest to Farnaz. She leads a movement on social media to encourage people to choose sustainable options, to reduce the harmful impacts of materials’ waste upon the environment.

Farnaz has gained a BA qualification in Architecture and Design from Hamedan Azad University of Art, and an MA in Integrated Design from Hochschule Anhalt University. She has lived in Iran, and is based currently in Germany. She speaks Farsi, German and English.

Find out more about a project Farnaz worked on: Naturativ.