Xenia Adjoubei

Local Researcher

Area: USA

Xenia is a Research Specialist in development, environmental issues and collective design.

She specialises in areas of culture, architecture, and urbanism, and is the lead researcher in the Global Free Unit – a network for education through live projects in contexts of rapid economic and political change, such as refugee and migration crises. Xenia is Visiting Assistant Professor at the Pratt Institute, NYC and Fellow at the Inclusive Ecologies Incubator. She runs AdjoubeiScottWhitby Studio, an urban design practice with projects in masterplanning, public realm and education.

Xenia has a Professional Diploma in Architecture, an MA in Architectural History, Theory and Interpretation. She is from the UK, has also lived in Russia, Italy and Cambodia, and is currently based in New York. Xenia speaks English, Spanish and Russian.