Yuriko Tokura

Local Researcher

Area: Japan

Yuriko specialises in qualitative research and analysis.

With a background in Law, Yuriko has expertise in collaborating intuitively with people, assessing the character of an individual and tailoring her approach to encourage the most effective communication. Also, having previously worked as a secretary for an engineering company, Yuriko has many years’ experience of slick organisation and efficiency. With a passion for practising and teaching Ashtanga Yoga, she has discovered a new level of discipline and awareness that has enhanced her life. Yuriko also has a skill for breaking down the barriers of language, taking the time to better understand and respond to the nuances of cultural context.

Yuriko has a bachelor’s degree in Law from Kanagawa University, Kanagawa, Japan. She has lived in London and is currently based in Japan. She speaks Japanese and English.