Yuuki Shigemoto, Local Researcher in Japan

Yuuki Shigemoto

Local Researcher

Area: Japan

Yuuki is an exploratory researcher specialising in Design Management.

Throughout his work, he has covered specific research themes such as the KJ Method, Kansei Engineering, Benefit of Inconvenience, Macrobiotics and Design Thinking. Yuuki has also worked as a lecturer in several universities in the UK and Japan, and has a deep interest in Kansei – a Japanese term also known in the product design field as ’emotional or affective engineering’, focused on adopting customer’s feelings and needs into the development of products and services.

He has a PhD in Engineering from Cambridge, an MSc in Modern Japanese Studies from Oxford, and a BA in Management from Kyoto’s Ritsumeikan University. Having lived in England for five years and travelled around the world, Yuuki is now based in Japan, where he is originally from. He speaks Japanese and English.