How can Miro’s platform become a progressive partner for the global developer community?

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"Working with intO has been a smooth, transparent process from end-to-end. Weekly readouts kept us informed, suited our mode of work and avoided information overwhelm. Receiving the findings in a non-linear format, via a bespoke-produced micro-site, has made the insights very accessible and actionable for our team. We’ve really appreciated the dedication and effort that’s gone into delivering this work, which is foundational to our initiatives."

Gülay Birand (Head of Platform Design at Miro)

  • Moderated pre-task
  • In-depth interviews with users & potential users
  • Roadmapping stakeholder workshop
The Opportunity

Miro is the world’s leading online collaborative whiteboard platform. With over 30 million users, it enables distributed teams to work better together. Between 2020 and 2021, the user base of Miro grew by over 500% and the brand opened the platform to developers and app builders around the world, enabling any team to create a customised collaborative solution by utilising the power of REST APIs, web plugins and embeds. 

With an ambition to create a progressive and welcoming destination for the global developer community, Miro commissioned intO to conduct research into developer personas. The objective was to improve awareness of the spectrum of developer skills and gain a deeper understanding of their needs, attitudes, behaviours, journeys and jobs-to-be-done – as well as their pathways to, and perceptions of, Miro.

Our Approach

Having held in-depth interviews with key Miro stakeholders, developer participants from around the world were screened and recruited. In line with the brand and platform’s values of inclusivity, Miro challenged us to achieve a gender-balanced participant selection. Women make up a fraction of developers (5.31% according to a recent survey by Statista) but a 40% recruitment of women respondents was achieved. 

intO orchestrated moderated pre-tasks and in-depth interviews with participants, delivering weekly live read-outs that supported critical, timely decision-making across multiple work streams at Miro. Once data had been synthesised to outline the segmentation of personas and map the competitive landscape, insights were delivered via a digital, interactive asset, designed as a bank of knowledge that will be quick and easy to reference and build upon in the future.

Finally, a stakeholder roadmapping workshop was designed and facilitated to plan how best to utilise all relevant research outputs before the launch, and consider longer-term activities and opportunities with key developer personas post-launch.

Business Impact

Our work enabled Miro to directly address the most critical decisions and actions ahead of the developer platform launch. The project’s insights helped Miro’s designers to deliver an initial platform experience that was accessible, democratised and digestible, and informed the marketing team’s launch communications. Furthermore, Miro’s project managers are using the insights to confidently shape product roadmaps with enhanced understanding of the developer community’s vision and beliefs about the future of remote collaborative work, and Miro’s opportunities for category leadership.