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The conflict in Ukraine is still disrupting millions of lives, and the personal stories surfacing during this crisis continue to touch the team at intO. Back in 2022, intO’s Local Researcher, Nastasia Fomina, launched our fundraising initiative to purchase articles and products for the elderly, who are in desperate need of urgent humanitarian support during the harsh winter season, when people often have to endure several days without electricity, heating and water due to constant attacks on infrastructure.

Nastasia has experienced first-hand the devastating repercussions of this war; her mum and grandma had to flee Ukraine to reunite together in Berlin, Germany. But, despite having assured her family’s safety, Nastasia’s tireless efforts to help people in her native country don’t cease. In 2023, Nastasia delivered help to over 30 families in Ukraine. In January, she returned to her native country again with proceeds from the 2023 fund that many of intO’s network contributed to.

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This is Nastasia’s 2024 update.

Report of the Trip to Ukraine, January 2024

During my visit to Ukraine in January 2024, I had the privilege of delivering much-needed relief to many families. I distributed sweets and vitamins—representing luxuries beyond the means of many—to each family. These small gifts were more than material comforts; they offered a moment of respite and a reminder of a world beyond their daily struggles. I also provided essential food staples and candles donated by a local brand, symbolising our support – and to serve as a light source during power outages.

Hearing the families’ stories was heart-wrenching; many had lost everything and were living in the homes of those who had fled the country. With the remaining funds, I was able to cover their heating costs, alleviating a significant burden during the harsh Ukrainian winter. The gratitude and resilience of the people I met was profoundly moving. They may face uncertainty about the future, but they hold on to hope steadfastly.

One of the most touching moments of my trip occurred when a grandmother, living under the constant threat of air alerts, gifted me a pair of socks she had knitted herself. This act of kindness, despite her own hardships, was deeply touching. Such moments underscore the extraordinary spirit and love that the Ukrainian people maintain, even in dire circumstances. Their gratitude was expressed in numerous ways—from sharing their food to inviting me to stay with them. The difficult conditions they endure are hard to describe with words.

I am immensely grateful to everyone who supported this mission. Your generous donations have made a significant difference in these families’ lives, providing not just relief but also a ray of hope. Thank you for standing with us during this critical time.

With love,