Can you help us explore new ways for young people to engage with technology in a positive way?

This project will gain a greater understanding about the role that technology plays in the lives of young people, and seeks to test and develop new ideas with them. Our researchers will be hosting 45-60 minute interviews with participants from the USA, via informal video calls, between 24th February and 2nd March 2021. 

We are looking for 13-24 year-olds (individuals or pairs of siblings or friends) to participate in an interview about their daily routines, behaviours and environments.

To take part, participants must: 

  • Be aged between 13 and 24 years 
  • Own or use a phone/device with iOs operative system
  • Regularly use apps for social purposes (eg: TikTok, SnapChat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.), health and fitness, education and/or productivity
  • Have good wifi reception and a laptop they can use for taking part in the interview  
  • Be available to take part in the one-hour interview on a pre-arranged day between 24th February and 2nd March
  • Obtain parental consent if below the age of eighteen

The research process will consist of three rounds…

The study will consist of three rounds. The first is exploratory, where we’ll discuss a broad range of topics relevant to how they plan their lives, how they learn, and what it means to be creative. In this round, selected participants will have a video call interview (as detailed above) with two researchers. 

In the second round, we will test some ideas we’ve developed. In the third round, we will test app prototypes so we can observe our participants’ reactions and hear their thoughts about how improvements might be made. 

Each participant will receive $80 USD for taking part. Parents, guardians or other responsible adults are welcome to be present at the interview (and rounds two and three, if applicable).

About the information collected:

We will collect names and personal data anonymously (a code will be used to refer to each participant). The information collected (video and audio recordings) will be handled in accordance with the European Union GDPR law. That means that the material collected will be exclusively used for internal and research purposes. It won’t be disclosed to the public or used for marketing purposes. It will eventually be deleted from servers. More information about this will be found in the consent document that selected participants (and their parents, if under 18 years old) will be provided with, to agree to, before the interview takes place.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested to take part: 

  1. Please contact us at the email below ASAP for more info (before Sunday 21st Feb).
  2. If selected, for GDPR purposes, you will be asked to complete a simple consent form prior to the interview.


Alejandra Arango G.

Research Lead at intO

[email protected]

+ 57 3168279984


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