intO’s 2018 list of inspirations


As we all wrap up the year, we’ve created a package of our most read posts from different social platforms and stories that inspired us in 2018. For intO’s last post of the year, we hope you’ll enjoy the selected articles, podcasts and provoking projects from around the world as you enjoy the holidays.

9 stories powered by intO’s people:

April 5 smart strategies to help you go global with your brand
May Will women soon power India’s economy?
May New business with Small Spark Theory and YCN
June On the importance of investing in culture
July Power, Profit & Gender: Women in Innovation
August The frail baby reed in contrary winds: reflections on challenges facing SMEs in sub-Saharan Africa
September Shopping via live-stream, and 3 other ways to expand your business into Chinese markets
October Skyscanner’s bold approach to global growth
November Saving little lives, Pakistan

10 podcasts, films and initiatives we love the most:

  1. Cross-cultural, multilingual and localised design by SXSW 2018
  2. The future of the road trip by Condé Nast Traveller
  3. Between the storeys by Poet in the City and Culture Mile
  4. The and us by The Skin Deep
  5. Place and Culture by Philip Reitsperger
  6. Everything must change by Piet Zwart
  7. Drowning in garbage by The Washington Post
  8. Precious plastic by Dave Hakkens
  9. Who is welcome online? by Mozilla
  10. How to build (and rebuild) trust by Frances Frei

12 most read articles we’ve shared and re-posted:

  1. How we’ll win the next generation
  2. Shaping the future of travel
  3. Is design still a (cis)man’s world?
  4. Cat ears and robot friends: What Japan’s education future could include
  5. Using radio to confront climate change in Peru
  6. The demographic transformation that will hit the Chinese economy
  7. Narrative is the most powerful design tool you’re not using
  8. Packaging design is cultural anthropology
  9. Urban farming in South Korea
  10. What happens when language is one of the root cause of gender inequality?
  11. 5 plants and animals utterly confused by climate change
  12. How to design cities for children


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