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Whether you believe that every future layer of humanity will be reshaped by AI, or that the narrative around this megatrend is being over-hyped, you’ll understand that this rapidly evolving field is already impacting innovation, the research that supports it – and the lives it touches. 

intO’s focus on human-centric and UX research has allowed us to cultivate and expand our expertise in AI research over time and around the world. But the rapid pace of development means we are always learning and looking to the ‘next’.

We’re asking questions like:

  • What opportunities will AI generate for businesses and brands?
  • How can we, as human-centred researchers, help our clients to discover them?
  • How can we ensure we take an equitable approach to Generative AI Integration?
  • How will we design methods to generate insights and test UX for AI and robotics-focused products?
  • How will AI transform our own research tooling?

No one person or entity is the ‘expert’ in this landscape so we want to invite you to join us on our expedition for the answers. Our goal is to build a community of peers and thought-leaders to pioneer this ever-shifting space together. Everyone is welcome.

Led by intO’s Associate Director, Xenia Adjoubei, our intO the Future of AI Research programme will begin on September 14th, 2023. We’ll be running an on-going series of panel discussions and establishing a curious, supportive global community to share insights, opinions and resources.

Together, we’ll stay one step ahead – and shape the future of research.

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