Voices Ukraine

The primary and urgent objectives of Voices Ukraine is to provide work for displaced researchers from Ukraine via the intO Researchers in Residence programme. The value of employment for refugees goes beyond income, also delivering:

  • Professional community support
  • Development of experience and C.V
  • Vital access to technology
  • Acclimation and integration with host communities
  • Dignity
  • A sense of stability that can provide a foundation from which to begin healing from endured trauma

This research initiative will collect first-hand accounts, portraits and video vignettes, told by refugees fleeing from war in Ukraine, accumulating into a series that will elevate voices from Ukraine and share information about lived experiences through accessible visual and text-based media.

Ultimately, the aim of the initiative is to support migrant and host communities in Poland and inform solutions for the refugee crisis in Europe.

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Анкета для учасників дослідження. Чи не могли б Ви поділитися з одним з наших дослідників своєю історією виїзду з України?

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I left my cat at home. That feeling was awful. But she’s okay. My ex husband’s over there. He sent me pictures and he said she’s fine; she’s alive. But at that time the feeling was so hard. I took my dog but I left my cat.

Tatiana from Kyiv, Ukraine