Innovative Agency of the Year – award WINNERS!

Our team (time zones allowing!) gathered together online, this evening, to watch the announcement of the 2021 European Agency Award winners. And we were surprised – and extremely excited – to pick up an award we weren’t aware that we were in the running for!

The European Agency Awards

The European Agency Awards reward: creative, design, digital, marketing, advertising, media and public relations agencies across Europe. The awards are Judged by leading industry experts who work across multiple sectors (and the judging process is a transparent, robust two-step process that involves pre-scoring, scoring and judges deliberation), and deliver professional social proof of exceptional work that can be trusted.

Why did we win? 

Amid a saturated agency landscape, intO stands out with an inimitable USP and a crystalline proposition. As well as being a stealth and nimble supporter of innovation processes around the world, the very essence of intO’s uniquely structured business makes it inherently innovative. 

Having become a remote business in 2018, when this was still a fairly rare attribute, intO’s global team of researchers delivers nimble and unmatched access to established and emerging markets worldwide. intO’s progressive and always-evolving remote research methodologies allow its team to deliver low carbon-footprint efficiency, as well as clarity and confidence, to its brand and agency clients.

A few words from Joanna…

Joanna would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to intO’s central and international team members. Their guiding principles of curiosity and care – both for one another and their clients – allow intO to deliver consistently impressive results – and enjoy the journey!  She also wishes to express her gratitude to our clients; for their consistent ambition and trust in our insights from around the world.


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